From idea to concept

Our story really begins with the decision to become business partners, followed by a great idea – and then things took off ...

Together, Christina Kattrup and Mette Wotkjær are the duo behind Have A Look. They met in 2010 when they were both working in the magazine industry – Christina as an editor and copywriter, and Mette as a photographer and art director. Then, the two began doing freelance work together: creating visual identities, communicating products and building brands. The flow of energy and the joy of working together made it clear to them that they wanted to continue.  They wanted to build their own brand.

“Our work ethic is very similar, but our skills are different – one can do what the other can’t, and we need each other to deliver a holistic solution.”

The work philosophy

A thorough concept was crucial to moving forward with their entrepreneurial adventure, but it had to be crystal clear what the brand was about – and what it was not. Mette and Christina share the philosophy of working conceptually and the belief that business and creativity must go hand in hand. It is no fun if the concept is not a viable business model.

“The concept sets the frame of your brand. It is within these boundaries that the ‘red thread’ or the DNA of your brand lies.”

The birth of the idea

Christina became a little older, and so did her eyes. In her search for fashionable yet affordable reading glasses, she realized there was a gap in the market. What she needed was not expensive designer glasses from the optician. She needed her vision, and her style, to stay sharp when she took a look at something – when she needed to Have A Look!
Shortly afterwards, Mette went for a run – and her thoughts went wandering as well. All of a sudden, the concept of Have A Look was clear to her. She rushed home and immediately made a rough layout of the logo, website and name. She presented the case to Christina, and the concept was born.

“We did not fall in love with just any idea; it had to present a unique market opportunity.”

Shape and colour

Now, things took off. Together, the two partners started working with something that absolutely excites them: shape and colour! The design process of creating glasses that add personality and style in fresh colour combinations is a creative wonderland for them. Their sensitivity to detail and attention to even the slightest tweaks in the colour palette determine the design identity of Have A Look.

“We celebrate diversity and being daring, in your life and in your look.”

The business today

A lot has happened since the birth of Have A Look in 2013. Today, the brand is represented in 18 countries. And where the brand has gone, attention to detail has followed. Tight quality control and dedicated customer service are vital parts of the way Mette and Christina run their business. Staying true to the concept, and growing its potential, continues to be the philosophy of the duo – all the while playing with endless colours and shapes.  

“We are offering our customers an opportunity to play with their personal style by delivering customized, quality glasses in trendy Danish design at affordable prices.”